Thursday, 9 December 2010

Here is a selection of pages the girls: Gina, Marita, Elena, Mel and I did on the last tag RR we had This one was called its just art!

tag book RR

Hi today Ive created a post card size tage as I,m going to be doing a RR tag book swap in the new year with a small group of ladies. We are going to put arty type quotes on the back of the tags and then everyone will contribute to the art work on the frount
This is My Frount cover, created with papers,gesso,acrylic paint and bottle ink

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

soul card

Hi Back to art everyday.... today I decided to make an archetype card for my soul collage deck..and for some reason I felt I needed to do the death card... The death card signifies change and transformation..and a soul collage deck cannot be complete without this card..
I put the butterfly on the card as it to transforms completely from one thing to another always to something mor beautiful.......The white light is where death takes you when your time has come( having had a near death experience I know this...) but also when it is time for a change a light will show you the way. The stone wall corridor towards the light represents the journey from one place to another. I feel better having made this card and Im now wondering what change will come my way..

Thursday, 18 November 2010

daily art

todays art is a set of atc backgrounds created for a swap with a theme of festival...They have been created using sharpe pens and stazon black ink and stamps . The one in the miidle of the top row has gold leaf pen on too. There will be posted off to my friend who will add images and an an embelishment..

Monday, 15 November 2010

over the weekend I did 3 tarrot cards..they are part of a swap Im in and will become part of a set of all 22 major tarrot cards. They are not intended for use just as an artistic journey..

Saturday, 13 November 2010


More backgrounds today....created with inks,wax pastels, acrylic paints and of course....gesso!!

Thursday, 11 November 2010

day 10 todays offering is x3 post card size backgrounds(4" by 6") created for a project starting in the new year... called Creative Journey...if you would like to play along you can please email me for details at the backgrounds have been created by using gesso, arcylics, ink pads and the black and white image is a recycled greeting card

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Day Ive created a decorated envelope and its going to be sent to my friend Gina in the states..its a recycled envelope you can see the old stamp in the corner!!. I created it by layering with gesso first and the adding some liquid ink and spreading it out with an old credit card. I then added acrylic paint and did the same, I then filled in the gaps with water soluble wax pastels and
to finish off I stamped over the top using gesso on the stamp and with a flower stamp using stazon ink.. I think that would give the postman someting to talk about!!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Day 8 I've been taking part in a swap where you start off with a background and then each artist in the swap says what is to be addedd next. Its such fun. The pages for this swap were about travel... Here are the results.....

Monday, 8 November 2010

Day 6 of art per day

Todays art is a soul collage card for my community suit..Ive chosen to have the spirit of Amelia Earhart as she was so brave and I need some more bravery in my life at times!!
Day 6 had some fun with this background.......Stick down some pictues from a magazine and then add some liquid ink and spread out with a credit card, be sure to leave some white areas.
Then add some black stamped images. Next add some acrylic paint and spread out,again using the credit card. Then roughly draw some circles with with some gesso and then press a piece of scrap paper on the top to spread out the paint.
then using a circle stencil and gesso create some circles, you can also draw some circle shapes with a white crayon too...
Day 5
Today I just used watercolour paints and a pen to create this page..I drew around my own hand and incorportated the pictures already on the page,

art every 4

Today Ive done the first page in a new journal circle stating in 2011.its called artistic evolution and each artist that recieves my book will evolve the page from the previous one. They will do this by taking colours and elements from the page I wonder what will follow my page?

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Todays art is a shabby chic...luggage label..shabby chic is messy,grubby and tatty looking like its been around for a long time!! I love this look, hope you do too
The label is created with torn papers that have been aged using distress ink plus..fibers muslin fabric, cut up ribbon, lace and there is a safety pin with fibers ect tied in it too..

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Today I have done a watercolour wash background and then used gesso to create txture as well as pva glue...I have added colour on top using wax pastels
Its called whats the message for you??

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Journey through art page 1

Hello...Today I will begin a journey through art, altered book project. I found an old art book in a charity shop and I decided to alter it into a new book of my own. I will remove the pages and alter them one at a time. The images I use will be from the book only, together with mixed media materials.
Todays frount page is created with gesso , acrylics,wax pastels sand paper, and a black ink pad.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010


Just created these backgounds with a few scraps ,some inks and gesso. I was inspired by some of the backgound papers they sell at crafty individuals site! below is how I did it first, stick on scraps of paper all over the atc
next, when the glue is dry , use sand paper lightly and scrub away some of the pattern and around the edges, then add some brown ink and another colour or two

next add a couple of stamped images in black, with one or two, press really lightly so only part of the image comes out

Lastly, choose a simple stamp and apply some gesso with your finger to the stamp surface and stamp once over atc wipe stamp immediately with a baby wipe and get iot completely clean. white acrylic paint will also work Have fun!!!

Monday, 19 July 2010

My Husband( Mike) and I went away for uor 25th wedding anniversary here are some photos we took..please feel free to use them in your art work.Powys Castle Gardens
Tallest waterfalls in Wales

Tallest waterfalls in Wales
Mike and I in Port MerieionPort Merieion

Port merieion

hotel at port merieion


view from our cottage window at Portmeirion Snowdonia (from Harlech in Wales)

Harlech castle

Wednesday, 31 March 2010


I have recently been doing some soul collage cards these were first thought up by a lady called Sheena Frost My first card is a totem card the fish bieng picese Im drawn to the fish and the sea. my second card is the mother ,its a very improtant and rewarding role for me in my life and my own mother is very special!!

My third card is the gypsy this is a archetype card and I love what the gypsy stands for and strive to be more gypsy like in my life!!

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

These are some atcs Ive done using acrylic medium transfere. The ones with the lady images and the little girl with the dog are inkjet printer images. The other two which are unfinnished and are just backgrounds are from magazine images, one with some green fabric in the background The other is of ayres rock, the black images are stamped on top with ink. Simple to do, just apply acrylic transfere to the image and place face down onto your atc and dampen with a baby wipe. Then leave to dry and then re dampen and gently rub from the center in a circular motion and keep working on it until the paper layer has come away you may need to re dampen as you go along. I will say it does take I bit of practice and you may get mixed results. I always finish off with a coat of varnish or another layer of acrylic medium to protect it.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Altered film poster

altered film poster

this is the poster before alteration

Hi This is an atc Imade. Its an altered film poster,Ive show a before and after picture.

I made it by covering all the words and bits I didnt need with gesso first, then I added colour and stamped image on, I then put on paper bird picture and added the word secrect before embellishing. Hope you like it.!!

enchanted garden

This is a selection of ats Ive done for a swap on one of the groups I am in, called enchanted garden. All cards have an image transfere background,stamping,paperimages and them layered flowers and 3d butterfly