Wednesday, 24 February 2010

These are some atcs Ive done using acrylic medium transfere. The ones with the lady images and the little girl with the dog are inkjet printer images. The other two which are unfinnished and are just backgrounds are from magazine images, one with some green fabric in the background The other is of ayres rock, the black images are stamped on top with ink. Simple to do, just apply acrylic transfere to the image and place face down onto your atc and dampen with a baby wipe. Then leave to dry and then re dampen and gently rub from the center in a circular motion and keep working on it until the paper layer has come away you may need to re dampen as you go along. I will say it does take I bit of practice and you may get mixed results. I always finish off with a coat of varnish or another layer of acrylic medium to protect it.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Altered film poster

altered film poster

this is the poster before alteration

Hi This is an atc Imade. Its an altered film poster,Ive show a before and after picture.

I made it by covering all the words and bits I didnt need with gesso first, then I added colour and stamped image on, I then put on paper bird picture and added the word secrect before embellishing. Hope you like it.!!

enchanted garden

This is a selection of ats Ive done for a swap on one of the groups I am in, called enchanted garden. All cards have an image transfere background,stamping,paperimages and them layered flowers and 3d butterfly

Art Journal

These are pages that I have created ,inspired by Milliande art, Im doing the pages on an old book 8" by 11".If you would like to see millainde at work just got to Millande art and log into the journal sections, there are loads of inspiring videos to watch,which will taje you through projects step by step.

Thursday, 4 February 2010