Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Ive been involved in a project swapping tags, backgrounds/journal pages during the year..Ive been doing this with some lovely ladies from all corners of the globe..Now all the pages and tags have been sent ,Ive put a tag journal together. Above is my cover and Ive used one of the tags sent to hang on the ring
the colours matched so well.
All the journal pages, backgrounds and tags were done at different times and none knew what anyone else was doing ,yet now its all come together amazingly the tags were able to matched up with the pages..... Enjoy the pages below.
I absolutle love the journal Thank you my creative, crafty friends..

This Tag fitted prefectly into the pocket on the page

opps 2 the same!!! lol
This Tag was made of perspex and I though it went so well with the fish image on the page
The image on the this tag goes brilliantly with the dreamy watercolur background
here I used 2 tags one being a holder fo the other
this tag was so perfect for the words your just my Type!!! (see the type writer on the tag)..ha
A match made in heaven for the two mermaids
This tag with quotes looks great with all the pencils

tag journal

This tag blends in so well on the background

The bright background is perfect for this tag