Monday, 5 December 2011

shared art.journal pages

I have created some jpurnal pages together with my friend Lee in Australia
Its such fun to do as you never know who they will turn out until the end
Thanks for the fun Lee!!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Nature journal

Gaia the earth goddess
A page about butterflies my favourite insect
A page about flowers..I think everyone loves flowers...
More pages to come...Im hoping when its finished that it will be somthing I can look through again and again and feel uplifted....

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Ive been involved in a project swapping tags, backgrounds/journal pages during the year..Ive been doing this with some lovely ladies from all corners of the globe..Now all the pages and tags have been sent ,Ive put a tag journal together. Above is my cover and Ive used one of the tags sent to hang on the ring
the colours matched so well.
All the journal pages, backgrounds and tags were done at different times and none knew what anyone else was doing ,yet now its all come together amazingly the tags were able to matched up with the pages..... Enjoy the pages below.
I absolutle love the journal Thank you my creative, crafty friends..

This Tag fitted prefectly into the pocket on the page

opps 2 the same!!! lol
This Tag was made of perspex and I though it went so well with the fish image on the page
The image on the this tag goes brilliantly with the dreamy watercolur background
here I used 2 tags one being a holder fo the other
this tag was so perfect for the words your just my Type!!! (see the type writer on the tag)..ha
A match made in heaven for the two mermaids
This tag with quotes looks great with all the pencils

tag journal

This tag blends in so well on the background

The bright background is perfect for this tag

Sunday, 21 August 2011

soul collage

I have been making soul collage cards for over a year now..they are the invention of Seena Frost who has written a book on soul collage.
I wanted to share with you some of the cards I have made for myself...
The soul collage cards represent all different aspects of the self, including different parts of the personality, support system, animal guides and archetypes opperating in yourself.
It is a most satisfying and interesting process, Using images for magazines and books, as well as art work .... You just create the cards when you feel the need and they become part of your deck..
I have around 40 in mine and its taken over a year to do them all.
Once the cards are use them in many different ways. To divine with, to gain guidence with issues, you can use them to inspire other art work and can choose one daily and seek its message for you that day.You can also use them as a staring point to explore your personality....
I will share some more with you soon...
I run a group with a few ladies and we swap soul collage cards and these gift card become part of your deck too

Thursday, 16 June 2011


its been a while since I blogged Ive been so busy with other things..My blog always seems to take a back seat.....Any way I have been inspired this morning by a postcard I recived from Julie in the USA and her collage on the frount of the postcard inspired me to do a journal page here it is... Thanks julie....

Monday, 13 June 2011

Hello..Here are some
collage elements I designed. please feel free free to print them off and use in your own work.. They were made with pastels, inks, paints, pen work and stamps... such fun to do and share..


Hi Its been a while since I put up some art so now here is some for you to use if you wish in your projects..some coolages Ive designed
using inks, pastels, stamps and pens.. hope you like them Please feel free to print off and use in your own work..

collage elements

Hi All My first blog since March I cant believe where the time goes ..anyway I have designed some collage elements using pastels. inkk. pens and stamps..if you like them please feel free to down load them for your own personal use

Its been a while since I did any blogging Ive been so bust with other things..anyway Ive designed some collage elements using pastels, pens, ink and stamps. They were such fun to do.... if you like them please feel free to download/print off for your own personal use... when I do some more I will upload those too..

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Poetry in Art new group...

POETRY AND ART An Acoustic poem A rhyming poem
A found words poem

Hi Followers I thpough I would put this info my my blog a s some of you may be interested..Im thinking of settin up a new yahoo group for doing art work and poetry together.

it will be a swap group, there will be themes to work with each month and I will give info on different kinds of poems.

postings will be just once every 3 months to cut down on costs and I plan to run the group for 12 months..examples of art and poetry Ive done here for you to see what I mean

if you are interested please email me on

Monday, 7 March 2011

London 2011

Went to London for the week end for my birthday..had a great time. we stayed in a hotel 100 m fron the London tower bridge ( below)
The bridge looks fab lit up at night.
We also went on the London eye..... we were lucky to get a sunny day..

In this photo you can see the Barbican Tower and St Paul's Cathederal

Here is the Golden Jubilee Bridges..

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Journal page

Todays..journal page from Millandie paper poems.. Ive found a poem about how I feel about my relationship!!

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Creative Journey artist says.... project

Hi If any one who follows my blog would like to join in with the Creative journey project here is what to do!!
first create x6 backgrounds on postcard size card...Then follow the following steps

1 add some red,blue or gold to your backgrounds..any way you like

2 add either button/s, ribbon or lace

3 add some background stamping either text,a patteren or a flourish

4 Add a vintage image either , people, a child or a flower.

5 add some texture to your art, or an inchie oe 3d embossing

6 add a ppostage stamp or a mimi postcard, or tag/s

7 add metalic paper, a metal button or a metal charm

8 add a quote, a word or a number

9 add glitter, beads or gems

10 add a die cut or punched shape,fibers, or do some pen work ie doodles or journalling..

when your done ...please email for my address to send the pages to be swapped please send x2 large stamps for your return with an addressed envelope

all pages to be with me by Feb 14th

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Todays page is lettering.. I created the page using a new idea I saw in the craft put different prompts on little 1" square blocks..I made a 14 of then put the blocks into a bag and choose 3 or 4 at random and roll them and see what comes up...... if you feel you need to pick out more you then use the prompt to get you can always add anything else you wnat as well!
for this page I picked as a theme the colours cream and red , use alcohol inks which I did on the piece of plastic I made the vase from and the last one sais use postage stamps...Im really pleased with the result

if you want to make some blocks you can buy a 1" by 1" strip of wood from a DIY shop.. you will need to cut it up into squares then you then cover the blocks in paper and write on the different propmpts, these should include, colours, techniques,themes, styles and embellishments..
Have a go its great fun and really great for getting past those artistic blocks lol and you can use them over and over again as each time you will get different can always add more blocks too at any time