Wednesday, 22 July 2009

This morning Ive created 4 6"x4" cards for a 'so surreal' swap
I Created my own backgrounds using inks, then stamped up some circles for the worlds and added figures( the rugby palyer is a transparency).
I then took a scan of the card and then reproduced it but much smaller and placed on the card to finish it off.
The pieces are called ' ON TOP OF THE WORLD' 1 to 4

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

meditate and create journal

Today Ive been working on my Journal for a Mixed media meditate and create project. I will be sending my journal to 4 other ladies who live in the USA to add to it.
My Chosen theme to meditate on, is Goddesses. I want the ladies to create a spread of who they would be as a goddess and what power would they have,its all for a bit of fun!!!
materials for this page were, a napkin,inks,stamps,textured paste,mico beads,treasure glitter, glamour dust glitte,r diamontes,fibers and ribbon, and paper image
After meditating on who I would be I decided to be a goddess of time. Having the power to control time and grant anyone an hour in any time or place
Here is my 2 page spread for my journal
Page 1
Page 2

Materials used for these pages were, inks, stamps,embossing powder, fibers, hour glass charm,peeloffs and paper image ( erte lady)

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Hi Ive been creating backgrounds today. When I need a bit of inspiration I quite often get one of my books off the shelf and stift through for ideas. This collection of backgrounds was inspired by a book I have about interior designer Caroline Quartermaine. She uses a combimation of the old and worn with beautiful contemporary colours and gold.
All the backgrounds apart for the first,which is a collage with inked and stamped paper ,were made with inks and embossing powders. If you click on image to enlarge you will see the details better.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Some atcs Ive done this month for future swaps Acollage one and a stamping project. Thats what Im into at the moment!!!

A collection of ATC quarters which will be swapped and then put together to a make one complete ATC
The backgrounds are inked then stamped and images added on top then embellished, Its quite a challenge to work on a smaller space

Im doing a new project. A coffee table book called Paraphernalia. Its done using a chils board book
The pages will be all done by me but the themes of the pages will be chosen by the other ladies in the swap, The project will take 4 months to complete
Here are the back and frount cover, Ive done them in a collage style I thought it suited this swap
I will be adding some labels depecting the different themes in the book and attatching them to the frount cover at the end
will post pictures as I do them so look out for them in the coming weeks