Sunday, 21 August 2011

soul collage

I have been making soul collage cards for over a year now..they are the invention of Seena Frost who has written a book on soul collage.
I wanted to share with you some of the cards I have made for myself...
The soul collage cards represent all different aspects of the self, including different parts of the personality, support system, animal guides and archetypes opperating in yourself.
It is a most satisfying and interesting process, Using images for magazines and books, as well as art work .... You just create the cards when you feel the need and they become part of your deck..
I have around 40 in mine and its taken over a year to do them all.
Once the cards are use them in many different ways. To divine with, to gain guidence with issues, you can use them to inspire other art work and can choose one daily and seek its message for you that day.You can also use them as a staring point to explore your personality....
I will share some more with you soon...
I run a group with a few ladies and we swap soul collage cards and these gift card become part of your deck too