Wednesday, 31 March 2010


I have recently been doing some soul collage cards these were first thought up by a lady called Sheena Frost My first card is a totem card the fish bieng picese Im drawn to the fish and the sea. my second card is the mother ,its a very improtant and rewarding role for me in my life and my own mother is very special!!

My third card is the gypsy this is a archetype card and I love what the gypsy stands for and strive to be more gypsy like in my life!!


  1. Ali...these cards are stunningly beautiful and so full of feeling...I love them...


  2. What a lovely site, Ali. I wanted to let your readers know that they can find more information about the trademarked SoulCollage® process at founder Seena Frost's website

  3. Love your work. I have a fondness for gypsies.

  4. Your cards are wonderful. I have often thought I would like to do a set of soul collage cards. I have a couple of books about it. It is on my lengthy art to do list!!

  5. Hi Ali!
    Love your blog and these soul cards are beautiful!
    Ansota :)

  6. Hi Ali, love the collage work and especially your rich array of colour in these. Brilliant work
    Have a fantastic weekend
    hugs June xx

  7. I love this - the colors - just every thing.