Thursday, 20 January 2011

Todays page is lettering.. I created the page using a new idea I saw in the craft put different prompts on little 1" square blocks..I made a 14 of then put the blocks into a bag and choose 3 or 4 at random and roll them and see what comes up...... if you feel you need to pick out more you then use the prompt to get you can always add anything else you wnat as well!
for this page I picked as a theme the colours cream and red , use alcohol inks which I did on the piece of plastic I made the vase from and the last one sais use postage stamps...Im really pleased with the result

if you want to make some blocks you can buy a 1" by 1" strip of wood from a DIY shop.. you will need to cut it up into squares then you then cover the blocks in paper and write on the different propmpts, these should include, colours, techniques,themes, styles and embellishments..
Have a go its great fun and really great for getting past those artistic blocks lol and you can use them over and over again as each time you will get different can always add more blocks too at any time


  1. That is such a great idea Ali!!! I love it! And your page is fabulous honey!

  2. what a great idea!,love the dribbled vase!

  3. (doing the math)84! 84 different prompts! How did you come up with them all?