Thursday, 6 August 2009

Zetti pages

today I've been having a go at getting my head around zetti. These are two pages I have done for a journal group I am in and apart from one other project, these are my first attempts at zetti. I feel Im going to learn more as I go along, which is what you do with art isn't it!!!!! I have found them very enjoyable to do
and I can see they are going to be addictive!!!!!
The backgrounds are done with inks and acrylics, Thge images is from an old magazine and the pen work is done with a black roller ball pen Thats it!!!


  1. So nice to find another new Zetti-ist? I just participated in a challenge and learned what Zetti was that way. I like your pages very much...indeed reading about you I thought that we have much in common in terms of the place art has been in our lives and really experimenting with a broad range of styles. I have yet to get involved in swapping, but am looking to make connections and begin to feel a part of a community. Thanks for sharing your work. Oh, and btw, love the dog!